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Haunted Attractions

  • Melville Castle
  • Rosslyn Chapel
  • Roslin Castle
  • The Pentland Hills
  • Deadly Dalkeith
  • Newbattle Abbey
  • Cap Meg
  • The Stair Arms Hotel
  • Crichon Castle
  • Borthwick Castle

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Melville Castle

Melville Castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of Elisabeth Rennie, wife of Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville, a very important person in the early 18th century Scotland. To Contact (Find): 

Gilmerton Road




EH18 1AP

0131 654 0088 (tel)

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Rosslyn Chapel & Castle

There are many beautiful and ornate carvings, and just as many theories as to their meaning and significance, within the gothic gem that is Rosslyn Chapel. Perhaps most striking of all is the magnificent "Prentice Pillar" reputedly carved by the stonemason's apprentice whilst he was visiting Rome. Instead of gratitude, the apprentice received a fatal blow from his jealous master. The chapel also boasts over one hundred carvings of The Green Man - the mysterious pagan symbol of birth and fertility. Also, nearby an enchanted white lady is said to                                                                                                   haunt Roslin Castle, as does a phantom horseman

                                                                                          riding through Roslin Glen (See Outdoor page for                                                                                                 more on Roslin Glen), and a ghostly dog named the                                                                                            " Mauthe Dog". To Contact (Find):                          

                                                                                        Chapel Loan
                                                                                        EH25 9PU
                                                                                        0131 440 2159 (tel)

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The Pentland Hills

Lover's Loup is so named after the suiside of Morag Mackintosh, a young girl who is said to have leapt to her death from the precipice here sometime early in the 19th century. The cause of her distress was her father's disapproval of her love for one of the Napoleonic prisoners of war at nearby Greenlaw Hosue. To Contact (Find): 

Pentland Hills Regional Park H.Q

Hermitage of Braid,

69a Braid Road




EH10 6JF.

0131 529 2401 (tel)

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Deadly Dalkeith

On 3 February 1911 a seemingly convivial house party at the abode of Charles Hutchinson at Bridgend, Dalkeith ended in tragedy as 13 people including the aforementioned were struck ill after drinking coffee laced with arsenic. To many of the afflicted this was to prove fatal. Charles' son John was suspected when he absconded to the Channel Islands. It was not long before the police caught up with him though. At the point of his arrest, however he swallowed the contents of a phial of a deadly prussic acid and died soon after. The ghosts of this tragic incident are said to haunt Dalkeith yet.

Newbattle Abbey

The ghost of The Grey Lady is said to haunt Newbattle Abbey and it's grounds. Legend has it that Lady Margaret Heron of Gilmerton was conducting a secret affair with a Cistercian monk from Newbattle Abbey. Sir John Heron was incensed to discover his daughter's liaison and ordered the couple burned to death in a cottage at Burndale (Melville Grange). The story of this tragedy is immortalised in Sir Walter Scott's poem "The Grey Brother". 

To Contact:

Newbattle Abbey College

Newbattle Road




EH22 3LL

0131 663 1921 (tel)

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Camp Meg

Meg was a real person called Margaret Hawthorn who led a reclusive life on the hills above D'Arcy farm. Meg's uncanny ability to cure animals, especially horses, led some to believe she was a witch, and 100 years previously she may well have been burned at the stake at nearby Hagbrae where the Presbytery of Dalkeith carried out such brutal judgements. However,in all likelihood Meg was an eccentric who led an austere life in the hills and whose ragged appearance put fear into the hearts of unruly children. 

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The Stair Arms Hotel

A Historic Coaching Inn commisioned in 1830, The Stair Arms Hotel has a reputation for being haunted one of which is of a chamber maid killed while working. To Contact (Find):  

The Stair Arms Hotel
EH37 5TX
01875 320 277

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Crichton Castle

The ghost of Sir William Crichton, one time Chancellor of Scotland in the 15th century, it is said can be seen leaving the nearby stables and entering the castle tower on the anniversary of his death. 

To Contact:





                                            EH37 5XA

                                            01875 320017

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Borthwick Castle

Sometime in the distant past, the brutal murder of servent girl Ann Grant was perpetrated in what came to be known as the "Red Room". She was pregnant with the child of Lord Borthwick who didn't want the scandal known and who reputedly ordered her murder. Mysterious and inexplicable events have through the years ever since. Also, the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots has been seen there in the costume of a pageboy, as if recreating her clandestine escape from the Rebel Scottish Lords who disapproved of her marriage to the Earl of Bothwell and who lay siege to the castle in 1567. 

To Contact:

North Middleton
EH23 4QY
01875 820514 (tel)

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Mary King`s Close

Mary King`s Close is and old close in Midlotian in the Old Town areas of the city. The close has had a reputation for hauntings since at least the 17th century. The close was partially demolished and buried under the Royal Exchange. It later was closed to the public. Mary King`s Close reopened in April 2003 and members of the public can go on this spooky adventure once again...

To Contact:

2 Warriston's Close

High St


                                                                                 EH1 1PG