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Midlothian, Scotland


Here in Midlothian we think people should know more about us and all the fun you can have at one of our attractions. There's loads of walks you can run, cycle and tire out your pets! We also have lots of historical attractions to learn and entertain the kids. As well as golf, restaurants and massive popular kids play parks. Here in Midlothian we like to have all ages entertained so go on, visit Midlothian. Be sure to sign up to our website to get upcoming events, our personal experiences in and around Midlothian and share your opinion of an attraction with other members and so much more...

We are Midlothian Attractions (The Big Bang Effect). Our first and only so far purpose is to show people everywhere what Midlothian has to offer.

On our website you can:

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  • Read about sights to see in Midlothian
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We are regularly updating our website to include new and upcoming events, attractions, updated contact information and up-to-date events lists on top of our already existing content.

Some of the things Midlothian have to offer range from Outdoor Parks to Retail Parks.

Some of the things include:

  • Outdoor Parks
  • Wedding/Party Venues
  • Beautiful Landscape Views
  • Restaurants
  • Haunted Castles

These are just some of the attractions in Midlothian, so be sure to visit our full website to find out the other ones!